The Marmalade Pantry

Today we had a girls day out although it was almost ruined by the rain. But we still managed to have a good day and enjoyed ourselves. Singapore is designed really well for shoppers on Orchard Rd, they have many underground passage ways so that when it rains, you don’t have to walk outside, you just follow the maze underground to different shopping centers 😛

We had Sunday brunch at a place called The Marmalade Pantry. We unfortunately did not get to enjoy any of their baked goods because we were rushed to go see a movie… but that just means we’ll have to go back there again. They have yummy looking breads, cookies, and cupcakes. Our brunch was pretty tasty.

Our refreshing drinks: mango lassi, strawberry-banana smoothie, and apple lime ginger juice.

French toast with figs and carmelized apples (the forgot the honey ice cream I just realized…).

Joyce with her vegetarian fritatta.

Pan seared tuna nicoise.

Getting ready to enjoy our Sunday brunch.

After brunch we went to see the Disney movie “Enchanted”. The movie was so hilarious, a bit corny, but lovely. I’d watch it again. It’s a real “chick-flick” and it’s a real “feel-good” movie.

I spent the rest of the afternoon shopping for gifts (for others and myself :P). Joyce and Siew Woon had a spa appointment from 4-6pm. They sounded like they had a relaxing time so I will join them next month.

We had fish and chips for dinner at Takashimaya (at the food court on Basement Level 2) before heading home. The rain has slowed to a drizzle but it was still quite wet so it was almost impossible to catch a taxi. Joyce and I ended up taking the MRT and going 2 stops away in order to catch a taxi together. We live in the same direction so it saves a bit of money.

It’s tiring walking around and shopping. I hope tomorrow at work won’t be too crazy.

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