The Sights of Macau

Our flight was delayed to Macau so didn’t arrive until after lunchtime. Although the flight was short, they served us breakfast/brunch which was a bit weird as it was a mix of Chinese and Western food.

When we finally arrived in Macau. We caught a cab to our hotel, The Grand Waldo Hotel & Casino. We stayed in a bit to figure out what to do in the afternoon. Luckily our hotel offered free shuttle service to the Ferry Terminal where there are buses to the sights of Macau.

The first place we went was to the area near the Ruins of St. Paul but our first stops included snacks. I love Portuguese egg tarts and even though I wasn’t supposed to take a picture, I did.

Doesn’t it make your mouth water? The crust is very flaky and yummy and the custard is very egg-y and just the right amount of sweetness. As we continued on our way to the Ruins of St. Paul, we also stopped by Pasterlaria Koi Kei Macau which sells lots of snacks like peanut candy, pineapple cake, cookies, and pork/beef/chicken barbeque meat. All so good.

We finally made it to the Ruins:

The sun was going down so we decided to quickly see Mt Fortress and its canons. We stayed there while the sun set and Ron took this photo:

We stopped by Sedano Square, St. Domnic’s Church, the Cathedral, and Holy Mercy commemorative statue.

We decided to have dinner at Fat Siu Lau, the oldest restaurant in Mcacu opened in 1903. It’s supposed to be Portuguese cuisine.

We had for appetizer, French style baked escargot (Caracois A Francesa):

Main courses of Spicy African Chicken (Galinha Africana) and Minute Steak (Bife “Amalo”):

We got quite lost on the way back to our hotel as we were on Macau island and our hotel was on Taipa island. The bus we took didn’t take us where we wanted to go but we finally did make it to the Ferry Terminal to catch our free hotel shuttle back to the hotel.

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