Ticklish Simon and Simon meowing

Day 143

So, WOW… Simon slept 7 straight hours last night.  Not a peep during those 7 hours.  Usually we can hear him fidgeting at some point then fall back asleep but last night, nothing.  He had gone to sleep at 10pm, woke up this morning at 5am.  I’m betting it was a fluke and probably won’t happen again two nights in a row.  He’s not that predictable.

Ron has been having Simon practice his tummy time on his Boppy pillow.  I think he likes the angle of the Boppy rather than being flat on his stomach.  He seems to try to use his arms more when on the Boppy so hopefully building up some muscles for crawling.


When I get home, I play with Simon as much as I can so although I’m excited to see him, I need find that second wind after a tiresome day at work.  I put him in his Bumbo seat for a bit but he always twists to the side like he wants to come out ASAP.  He will usually only tolerate sitting up for a few minutes but loves standing up.


He doesn’t mind lying down too much except that he needs to be entertained.  I’ve discovered that Simon still really likes his Moo-Moo chime ball and also has a ticklish spot underneath the arms.  Here he is laughing pretty excitedly.

As I mentioned previously, Simon seems more interested in the cats.  He kind of even responds back when they are meowing.  From this video, you may not be able to hear him squeaking back (it’s kind of quiet) but he does it three times I think.

Yay for the weekend!

1 thought on “Ticklish Simon and Simon meowing

  1. susan

    Hi Jenn,Ron,Simon
    I cannot believe that Simon got so big in the last two months! I was not able to view the photos from Simon at Captain Vineyards!
    maybe because of Twitter which I am not sure how to use.
    Hope you are having a great time, I think Simon will be ready to harvest this year 🙂

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