Hello Kitty Spam Musubi and Visit to San Ramon

Day 142

Simon had a hard day today.  He spent the morning controlling daddy… by daddy’s hair.  (Remember the movie Ratatouille?)


Then Ron let him explore a different section of the Exersaucer.  This portion has a carousel like thing and a few other moving parts.


Here’s a video of him testing out each moving piece.

Ron then got him dressed for our evening out to San Ramon to see Grandma and Grandpa Tam.  “That’s what she said” T-shirt is from Auntie Tina.


They came to collect me from work to drive out to San Ramon.  Just wanted to share what I made for my work potluck today.  The potluck was a going away party for one of our medical assistants.  He really likes Hello Kitty too so I made these special Spam musubi.  Thank you to Tiffany for finding me this great Hello Kitty mold and thank you to Virginia for helping me test our the recipe this past Saturday.


Simon had a little nap on the way to San Ramon but still got a bit cranky at dinnertime.  He’s not as easy as he used to be and gets a little fussy if it’s too noisy or bright when he’s trying to take a nap.

But he calmed down enough to take a picture with Grandpa Tam:


And Grandma Tam:


Then by the time we were ready to leave the restaurant, he was all awake and happy so we took a photo outside since the weather was still really nice and it was still light out:


Grandma got Simon some new outfits which he’ll be sure to showcase here soon.

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