Tilden Park, Family Outing, Lazy Sunday

Sunday, August 11, 2013

Another weekend already over?! Time is going by too fast…

Friday, August 9
Simon and I started out the day by visiting the Little Farm at Tilden Park. We brought some Romaine lettuce to feed the animals.

Simon wanted to show me his climbing skills on their fence.

We went in the small visitors center they have nearby and Simon patiently waited his turn to sit in this cat carving.

Then we had a picnic lunch on the grassy field next to the parking lot.

Simon enjoyed his chocolate chip cookie for dessert.

Then we headed to the steam train to take a ride.

And surprise, Simon wanted to take a second ride. He’s usually done after one but wasn’t ready to head home yet this time.

But pretty much konked out quickly on the car ride home.

Iris stayed home with our nanny while we were out and about.

We all went out to dinner together at The Habit and Yogurtland. Simon was so hungry, he started licking the ketchup! Eww!

I got some yummy frozen yogurt, including Tweety’s lemon cream.

Saturday, August 10
Iris watching her favorite animal on her mobile, the yellow lion.

Our family outing included a trip to Larkey Park and dinner at a new Mexican restaurant for us.


Unluckily for Simon, he got injured again. An older and much bigger kid, at least four times his size was climbing on the toddler slide and jumped off the top, hitting Simon who just slid down to the bottom. Poor Simon got hit on his temple and arm.

Big kids should not be playing in an area called the “Tiny Tot Playground”. But at least Simon recovered quickly and doesn’t seem too hurt except for the redness. Other interesting note for the day, Simon ate his first taco and liked it! Now we finally have a new food item that he will willingly eat. He doesn’t usually enjoy new things so this is a big deal for us 🙂

Sunday, August 11
Hello everybody! Iris hasn’t practiced tummy time for a few days so I found her in a good mood this morning to try.

Ron and Simon went to watch the Planes movie this morning and also came across a classic car show in Pleasant Hill. He must’ve been so excited.


Iris was a happy but poor napper today. The longest period she napped for was 45 minutes. This face is irresistible!


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