Everybody, Peace Out!

Thursday, August 8, 2013

Ron took this picture of Iris today.

Taken just at the right moment of her hands and funny expression.

Now rewind the day. This is Iris sleeping this morning. Cozy in her fleece jammies, hanging out with her Hello Kitty. Look ma! No swaddle needed.

After a fussy, nap-less morning, sleep eating.

My guy Simon looking sharp in his bow tie T-shirt. Today was the last day of camp for the summer so he dressed up for the little party.

Nyah Nyah Mommy!

Smiley Iris.

Iris laughing out loud.

This is the first time she has laughed out loud like this while awake. She does it often while she is asleep. It was so fun to watch her smiling and laughing so excitedly. Please excuse my silly mommy voice trying to get her to laugh 😀

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