To New York we go!

Day 269

Simon chomping on my iPhone case. He was somehow able to figure out how to pry it off and start chewing on it.

We’re on our way to New York. Simon’s third flight!

We are flying Jet Blue for the first time and so far, so good. When I booked our trip on Travelocity, I was not able to book our seats so when I checked in online, I could only choose middle seats and in different rows. When we got to the airport though, they were able to assign us to the 1st row of three seats and more leg room. Jet Blue lets you check-in 1 bag free which I was also pleasantly surprised about. The only thing that was not pleasant was the person working at the gate at SFO. She called to have persons with disabilities, persons requiring extra time to board, and families to come to the counter. Then only waited less than a minute before calling all other passengers to board. Uh… “extra time” means that these groups also need extra time to get to the gate? It was also a 10:30pm flight so most families also have over-tired children. Ron complained to her about not having enough time and her answer was that families are usually already gathered around but no families were already waiting so she called the rest of passengers to board. She was a bit snippy about it all. Oh well, we won’t let that ruin our trip.

Simon should sleep through most of the flight. Let’s hope we won’t all be too tired to enjoy our first day in New York.

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