To Singapore

March 15, 2011

We had to leave early for the airport but it was worth it for me when I saw the Hello Kitty Baby Changing Room, Waiting Area, and store.

Simon didn’t look like he minded, did he? Hee hee… Simon saying farewell to Taiwan for now.

Boarding for our next adventure!

Simon didn’t do as well on this flight as he only slept on takeoff and near landing. He basically stayed awake the rest of the time. But we made it!

We took a taxi to our friends’ (Peai Tean, Ray, and Reuben) condo as they offered to let us stay with them during our short stay in Singapore. We put my new luggage into our room and went out with Peai Tean and Reuben to get some things settled (phone card, exchange money, etc). These luggage are MIT (Made in Taiwan).

Simon’s first ride on the MRT to our dinner date.

We were meeting with some of my other ex-coworkers at New York New York at Jurong Point. We go there early so did some grocery shopping for Simon for snacks, strawberries, blueberries, and milk. Simon napped a little at the table before our friends came.

We met Samuel for the first time. He is about 1 week younger than Simon.

Simon had his own meal of chicken nuggets. He shared a bit with Samuel.

I had the crispy fish burger.

Simon’s new phone from Auntie Suanty. She actually got this phone for her son Samuel because he was always wanting to play with her phone. It’s one of those dummy phones from the Singtel store which she got for free.


Simon and Samuel had a little bit of a confrontation. Samuel hits Simon. Simon gives Samuel a dirty look. Simon grabs Samuel’s shirt. But then they make up by holding hands.

They both really like the dummy phone.

Thank you Mei Lian, Suanty, and Samuel for coming out! It was great to see you all!

We couldn’t end the night so early so also went for some dessert.

Strawberry Mango snow ice. Very thinly shaved and delicious.

I had mango with tapioca and grass jelly.

A nice way to end our first day in Singapore.

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