March 16, 2011

Today we decided to visit Sentosa Island but stopped by Clementi Hawker Center for some breakfast. I had some laksa. Yum yum! I missed this.

We took the MRT to VivoCity to catch the Sentosa Express to Sentosa Island. It only costs 3 SGD round trip and you can use for MRT/EZ-Link card.

From the tram you can see the Merlion.

Simon was extremely fussy when he wanted to take a nap. He wanted us to hold him to sleep so we tried to buy him this Tigger plush because we didn’t bring Ziggy. It didn’t work so Ron ended up holding Simon to sleep then putting him down in the stroller.

When we got off the tram, we walked around a bit. This is an updated Merlion.

We stopped by Universal Studios but decided it wasn’t worth it to go in because Simon was too young still.

Napping and sweating.

After a little nap, Simon was refreshed and ready to enjoy the sights.

Unfortunately he was still pretty hot.

Check out the big origami.

At VivoCity, the information lady recommended that we visit the Butterfly World and Aquarium since Simon was so young. They have a combo ticket which you have to request and it saves you a bit of money, Simon was still free. We visited the butterflies first.

There was a bunny in the butterfly garden.

Newly “hatched” butterflies. They are drying their wings, preparing to fly.

They had plenty of pretty specimens flying about.

They also had an Insect Kingdom.

There were live specimens like these plus also dried specimens in glass cases.

Then we walked to the aquarium where Simon explored the hands-on pool.

He seemed to enjoy looking at the fish.

We exited the aquarium after some effort just for lunch. They don’t have a stamp-out policy so they make you go to information and get a hand written return ticket to staple to your actual ticket then stamp your hand so you can exit. Then you have to turn in the hand written ticket and original ticket before being allowed in again. Kind of a hassle.

Mommy imitating Simon.

Singaporean bee hoon.

Simon and mommy bored.

After lunch, we went to watch the pink dolphin show. Unfortunately we got there too late to get a seat so had to stand outside. We were delayed by waiting for someone to open up the baby changing room door. Someone at information needs to get a key to open the door. A bit silly to have one if it’s not accessible. Anyways, Simon had watched the seal show earlier and during the dolphin show, he clapped his hands. I only caught a short video of it though. He claps with his right hand and left index finger.

Back to checking out the fish.

On the travellator going under the dome.

One last photo before leaving.

Our friends that we are staying with took us out to dinner.

Chicken rice.


Pork ribs with fried bread.

Hainanese chicken. Delicious with their chili.

Deep fried battered fish with sweet and sour sauce.

Simon trying Hainanese chicken.

The boys were ready to leave.

It was a good thing we went early as there was a line outside when we left.

Simon was all pooped out.

While the babies slept, we had some chocolate hazelnut ice cream and some Mao Shan durian ice cream. Don’t “ew!”, the Mao Shan durian is much better tasting than the regular durian ice cream.

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