Too Much Fun in the Sun?

Monday, April 28, 2014

Ron packed most of Simon’s lunch today: leftover chicken quesadilla with tortilla chips. I just cut up the watermelon and gave him a probiotic drink.

Simon did not take a nap at school today so he fell asleep in the car during the ride home. I thought he would wake up when we arrived home like he usually does but he stayed fast asleep and his cheeks were very pink.

I decided to carry him inside to see if that would wake him but nope! He continued to sleep.

Iris was a bit tired too when I got home. She was sucking on her thumb.

We went to check on big brother and even with Iris touching him, he didn’t wake up.

I suspect he was out in the sun too long today without enough sun block. I saw he had some remnants of sun block on his face but perhaps it just wasn’t enough. Plus he didn’t nap so was probably tired because of that as well. Simon ended up not waking up for dinner and Ron just carried him upstairs to go to bed.

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