Yerba Buena Playground

Sunday, April 27, 2014

Ron had to go into the office to get something so we decided to take a trip into San Francisco. Our first stop was a snack at Cako in the Sony Metreon for some cupcakes.

Then we went to the Yerba Buena Playground. They had some hula hoops laying around where you could try to spin them around your belly or just roll them like wheels on the ground. Rolling them like wheels was a lot easier. The size was just perfect for Iris to grip with her little hands.


Iris and Ron explored the BIG slide.

Then Iris explored the climbing wall. This was a new feature for us at this playground. Simon got a little frustrated and upset after attempting to climb this wall (he did get to the top) so quit playing and sulked in the stroller.

Iris exploring the other climbing structure.

Simon was in a better mood after we got home and helped me make banana bread. We used some ripe baby bananas which made the bread smell much sweeter than using regular bananas. It will be lovely for breakfast.

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