Trying to escape

Day 133

Simon is still interested in his jingle ball so Ron has been letting him play with it as much as he wants to.


He is also flipping over much more easily and fast too.

He grabbed a hold onto his toes today too.  Soon I’m sure we’ll see him sticking his foot into his mouth.


Simon has been really squirmy lately and is always trying to escape from any type of restraints.  He doesn’t like being put into the car seat and doesn’t like to be restrained in the bouncer.


Ron placed Simon in his Bumbo seat with the new tray table so that he could play with his toys on the tray… but Simon had other ideas, he just wanted to escape!  He didn’t quite make it out but with a little more leg muscle, he probably could push himself up and out so we have to be more careful with watching him.

Although Simon does not mind sitting in our lap…


And he doesn’t mind sitting on the sofa (this time not needing to be squished between the cushions).


I know this post has a lot of pictures but he had so many good ones today!  This is the last one of his new outfit.  Ron came to pick me up from work today and Simon got changed just to see me.  I love these overalls.  He was getting a diaper change in the car while waiting for me to get off work.


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