Mission Impossible Simon

Day 132

While I went to work, Simon had an adventurous day.  It started out with a visit to the Honda dealer to drop off our car for an oil change and check-up.  Simon tested his car dealer voice: “Hot deals!”


After a tiresome morning, Simon had a little nap on his playmat.


In the afternoon, he discovered one of his new toys: a plastic jingle ball.  He finds it good to suck on and fun for his fingers to grab onto.


Here is a video of him playing with it:

Also during his playtime, he is playing with his monkey.  His monkey toy that is.


By night, Simon transforms into a super spy.  Does this scene look familiar? (Imagine “Mission Impossible” music playing… )


As you can see, the Baby Bjorn is multipurpose… Super Spy Baby!  Ron’s directorial debut:

Babies are so fun.  It’s even better when daddy is creative and I get to come home and watch all these funny videos!

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