Trying to turn over

Day 108

Simon has been making attempts to turn over.  He usually spends quite a bit of time squirming and can get onto his side but his arm and shoulder stops him from completely turning over.


Our friend Suanty’s son Samuel is able to turn all the way over from his back to his front.  They are almost the same age so we’re thinking that Simon should be able to do it soon too.

Simon’s legs are pretty strong though, he’s able to stand pretty well and support his weight by himself for about 1-2 seconds before wobbling in his center.  We just have to lightly hold him under his arms so in case he buckles.  It’s pretty amazing to feel his leg muscles at work.


He’s got some muscular legs… runs in the family.


Simon has been more persistent in trying to suck on his fingers.  Ron devised a new way of preventing Simon from putting his right hand into his mouth.


Either like Steve Urkel from Family Matters or Al Bundy from Married With Children.  We’ll see how long this lasts to prevent him from sucking on his fingers.

Simon is still waking up in the middle of the night one time to eat.  I really hope it’s just a growth spurt.  He’s been eating more than usual if that’s any indication…

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