Turn lemons into lemonade

Day 341 = February 6, 2011

Simon’s appetite is a little better now that he’s been getting his antibiotics. He’s been taking amoxicillin for the last few days and he has been less fussy, nose less runny, and cough not as often. He was probably also a little constipated but the antibiotics have helped that as well. I’m just glad he’s willing to eat a little more.

We had some fun this morning during breakfast. He had a good laugh at me.

And was a messy eater this morning. I have no idea how he gets all those food on his face.

Today I also tried out my new gadget, a Soda Stream carbonated drink maker. Makes delicious sparkling drinks, even just plain sparkling water. I look forward to tasting all the flavors. This is diet grapefruit soda.

We went to have dinner with Ron’s dad this evening. We ordered in and finished watching the Superbowl. Simon had his first taste of a lemon.

He was really excited about the lemon and took a few bites of the rind, until he got to the lemon pulp, then his expression changed.

Maybe he’ll like oranges instead?

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