Day 340 = February 5, 2011

Since Simon is still sick, we skipped Gymboree today and decided to go check out a museum. It happens this weekend is one of the free weekends sponsored by Bank of America, a program called Museums On Us. So we chose Zeum to visit today. It’s a museum with hands-on exhibits, good for kids and adults.

We stopped by the lego wall and I watched closely while Simon munched on a yellow lego.

Daddy Ron was making Simon’s name in LEGOs.

We also visited the claymation area, the music video production area, digital photo editing, and more. Here is our creation at the digital photo editing room.

Ron and Simon making a time-delay movie.

After our visit, we went for lunch and Simon was impressed with the size of the tostada that Ron ordered.

Then on the way home we stopped by Cafe Madeleine to pick up a cake and to try their hot chocolate with chocolate whipped cream. Yum!

Check out Simon’s outfit of the day. These cute overalls are from Grandma Tam.

During the evening, we went to dinner with friends to celebrate CNY and also celebrate Dan’s birthday. Here he is cutting into his birthday cake, a chocolate cake with raspberry mousse and fresh berries.

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