Tuxedo Simon

Day 74

We think that Simon is starting to recognize the camera and possibly our iPhones.  When we try to take a picture, Simon looks at the lens and usually smiles and will track the camera in our hand.  Apparently he likes having his picture taken.  He probably knows he is too cute to resist and wants to make sure he looks good in the photo.  Here he is posing while having tummy time.  Couldn’t you imagine this as a pose for one of those Asian photography studios?


As you probably already saw on Ron’s Facebook page, Simon attended his first wedding banquet.  I wasn’t sure how babies are supposed to dress at weddings since adults usually wear suits and dresses.  Then I came across this while shopping online at Gilt, a bib with a tuxedo design.  It worked out really well, it made him look dressed up even though he was only wearing a white cotton onesie with dark gray cotton pants and his Trumpette socks that look like shoes.

Here he is sitting on daddy’s knee.


Family portrait.  Simon is yawning as he was getting tired and getting ready to fall asleep.  We are having dinner at Legendary Palace.  We decided to only attend the reception since we were afraid that Simon would get fussy at the ceremony and ruin it.  I know it would make me upset to hear a baby crying in the background while I’m saying my vows so didn’t want to put our friends through that.


It’s the first time that we’ve had to dress up ourselves.  I found it hard finding something to wear that didn’t make me feel fat!  Hopefully this will motivate me to work harder to lose this weight.  Although I’m happy to say that my feet are no longer swollen so I can fit into all of my shoes!  It would have been nice to go buy a whole new set of shoes but it’s also nice to wear the shoes that I love.  If you know me, I love my shoes, it’s almost an obsession.

Simon milestone for the day: Last night he slept for 6 hours continuously.  We were super impressed.  He woke up not too cranky wanting to eat but also couldn’t really fall back asleep that easily.  He probably tired himself out by staying awake in the late afternoon while we were on our walk.  He usually naps 2 hours but probably only napped 45 minutes.  We hope he’s getting into a pattern but we’ve been wrong before.

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