Tweety on my mind

Day 250

Simon gave us another rough night. He woke up several times and kept on whimpering and crying. He finally quieted down after he had some water to drink… he ended up waking up at 6:30am, having some milk then wanting to eat breakfast. He usually goes right back to bed but I guess with daylight savings ending, his tummy was already hungry for some solid food. He had some avocado, prunes, and sweet potato puffs.

We played for a while then he went back for a nap at 9:30am then kept on sleeping until we decided to wake him up at 11:30am for lunch. For lunch he had more avocado, sweet potato puffs, and mozzarella cheese. Seems happy about it, doesn’t he?

In the late afternoon, we went to the birthday party of Connor and Toby, who will turn 1-year old next week. There were a lot of people there so Simon had a good time observing them and playing with some of the other babies. Simon almost had a meltdown because he was exhausted but I was able to soothe him asleep in a secluded corner so he took a little nap. After we left the party though, Simon was wide awake and ready to play. He was entertained with his toys for a while but got bored and kept on grabbing on to me and trying to crawl over my legs.

He was playing with this plush Tweety basket and I helped him put it on his head (and yes, that is a Hello Kitty attached to it) and he didn’t seem to mind. He happily crawled around with it on his head for a while. Simon got tired around 6pm so I put him down for a nap. By 7:30pm, he hadn’t woken up yet so I went to wake him to see if he wanted to eat dinner. He protested a little bit then seemed to wake up but once I started to feed him, he started to rub his eyes and whine a bit. He was still really tired so he just had some milk and went back to bed. He must still be tired from waking up so often the last two nights. I hope he’ll have a better night tonight and not wake up too early in the morning.

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