U2 Beauty Health Center & Rohan Lounge

So I had an interesting experience today at the U2 Beauty Health Center. It’s actually place that specializes more in foot reflexology but I wasn’t in the mood for a foot massage. Instead I requested a body massage, 1 hour for $45 + tip (cash only). The place itself is not really fancy and not really private. The room I ended up in had four massage chairs but I was the only one in it. The other rooms I saw had two to three other chairs in it as well. The massage was relatively inexpensive and if you like sports massages then you’ll likely like this place. It really helps if you speak Mandarin too so I’m glad I went with friends who spoke it well.

Afterwards we went for dinner across the street at Rohan Lounge. It’s another soju bar in SF but the flavored soju was much more expensive than Spot Lounge. I have to say though that they have interesting soju infusions: pineapple, Skittles, asian pear, etc.

For dinner, we ordered the wasabi fries. I couldn’t taste the wasabi though.

But I still happily stuffed myself.

Chicken wings. Quite tasty, very saucy.

The spicy beef wraps. You wrap up the meat in lettuce leaves with garlic, jalapenos, and spicy bean sauce.

Sweet potato croquettes. The sauce was weird but without it, the croquettes were a bit bland.

Susan needed to de-stress so hence the massage and eating and drinking.

The plates were a bit small so we had room for dessert (at least I sure had room for dessert)… we ordered two!

Coconut flan. Very yummy. Not to sweet and nice touch with the shaved coconut.

Fried banana with green tea ice cream. The bananas are breaded with panko bread crumbs and topped with a fruit sauce (I think raspberry). It was really delicious. I think I ended up eating most of it…

A good Friday.

U2 Beauty Health Center

3940 Geary Blvd

Rohan Lounge

3809 Geary Blvd

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