UC Botanical Garden

Friday, August 16, 2013

Simon and Iris admiring each other this morning.

Today we visited the UC Botanical Garden. It’s been over 10 years since I’ve been there when I had to go for a class field trip. Since Simon likes flowers and tree branches, I thought he might find it interesting. Iris was a pretty good girl through our visit, riding in her stroller.

But the gardens are better seen by walking. There are paved paths but some are steep and hard to maneuver. There are also lots of narrow paths and steps to see the more interesting places. So if we come back, I will bring Iris in the Ergo so we can see more. It took Simon a little while to warm up to the idea of the gardens but he seemed to enjoy looking around and walking all these different twist and turns.

We stopped by the lawn area to have a little snack. I laid out a blanket for Iris under a tree and she really enjoyed watching the branches and leaves sway above her. It was the perfect temperature with a light breeze. She was wiggling around happily.

Big brother Simon joined her on the lawn after exploring the Chinese Medicinal Herb Garden with Annie. He’s snacking on a pear that we brought. It was around 12pm so he was hungry and ate a lot of fruit and cookies.

Simon enjoys picking things up off the ground like branches, nuts, pine cones, and leaves.

The gardens have lots of beautiful flowers and interesting little creatures.


Before we left to get a real lunch, we stopped by the redwood grove. Simon loved walking the paths, up and down and around.

A little rest and drink of water before we leave.

We had a late lunch and arrived home about 3pm but Simon did not want to nap. So I let him stay up but eventually he got quite fussy and disagreeable. We were reading books and he asked me to kiss him (which I thought was so sweet) then he asked if he could kiss me (which he did) the proceeded to stick his finger into my eye near the lower lid and scratch me with his fingernail. He got a timeout and things went downhill from there until he finally decided to calm down and want a snack. Which led to this:

This was about 6pm. Ron moved him from the kitchen table and he whined a little bit about wanting his stuffed animal but before Ron could even get it, he passed out again.

Soon after, Iris followed suit.

So we had a quiet dinner, just Ron and me. Iris woke up right after we finished eating but Simon is out cold for the night. Ron carried him to his room eventually and he didn’t even wake up. I guess I did a good job of getting him to expend his excess energy!

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