Update on the Last Few Days

Friday, June 28, 2013

Been too tired in the evenings to blog the last few days so here is the make-up post.

TUESDAY June 25:

I had my post partum checkup today and everything is a-OK. I’ve lost 26 lbs so far and looking to lose 15-20 lbs more. Losing weight starts with healthy eating so I picked up some delicious organic strawberries at the Kaiser Farmers Market. So sweet and delicious! Kaiser Walnut Creek has a small Farmers Market every Tuesday from 10am-2pm.

I took Simon to his swim class which he loves. Although he sometimes doesn’t listen to the teacher, he seems to be learning bit by bit like “Thumbs up! Wave goodbye! Pinky in the water!” (Backstroke) Here he is just splashing at the edge of the pool before the lesson.

Happy after a shower after swim class.

Little Iris. She has a small scab above her nose from scratching herself in her sleep. Mommy hasn’t been doing a great job on trimming her nails often enough.



Iris after waking up in the morning.

Simon after opening some packages from Barnes and Noble. He loves books! We’ve discovered he really likes “The Cat in the Hat Learning Series” which have the cat explaining different topics like dinosaurs, money, bugs, etc. These new books are about sharks and whales.



Last day for this session of camp! Spider-Simon! I think we are going to sign him up for another session as he seems to be enjoying it more.

Smiling Iris. She’s been smiling a lot more and occasional cooing. I love “talking” with her, she makes the cutest sounds and they change every few days.

Grandpa Chung came for a visit and Simon got comfortable reclining in the new car.


FRIDAY June 28:

Little lady in yellow.

Lifting her head a little during tummy time.

Out to dinner tonight. Yummy sashimi!

Simon trying a salmon skin handroll (which ended up being terrible and in edible). I didn’t taste it but Ron said it tasted burnt and made up of chopped up salmon skin. Simon didn’t like it after the first bite so we returned it. The service was a bit off-putting as well. We felt like they were trying to rush us out of there because the food came so quickly and they cleared our table so fast. We ate at Miraku in Walnut Creek. But I have to say they have really good sashimi!


Time just flew by this week. Now on to the weekend fun. It’s going to be HOT!

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