Uva Enoteca

I had dinner with V at Uva Enoteca in Lower Haight. Another co-worker also came to join us so that we could try more items. It didn’t seem like a lot be we were quite full in the end.

First a selection of cheeses served with almonds, honey, and golden raisins.

Plus a selection of cured meats. I love their presentation.

Three veggies: baby onions with figs; carrots, parsnips, peas and farro; red lentils, herbs and croutons.

We tried a pasta dish: Orrechiette, wild boar ragu

For dessert, a fresh peach pie with vanilla gelato.

The only part of the meal we didn’t enjoy were the vegetables, probably one is enough if you’re craving for grains or vegetables. They weren’t that flavorful and the best one (the one with figs) didn’t have enough figs, just a lot of onions. The cheeses were delicious with the honey, almonds, and raisins and with the endless supply of bread.

The gelato was the perfect way to end the meal for me.

Uva Enoteca

568 Haight Street

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