Venice then to Vienna, Austria

We had breakfast at our hotel before checking out. We headed back to San Marco and went to the Campanile. It costs 8 Euros to take the elevator to the top and it was a bit disappointing in height. I thought it’d be taller… then we waited in line to get into the Basilica. They offer free bag check-in, I guess so you don’t bump into things while inside. It’s free admission to the church but other parts inside you have to pay for. A bit strange I thought. We weren’t allowed to take photos inside either so can’t share with you the inside. We tried to go to the Doge Palazzo but admission was 13 Euros and since we were that excited about going in, we went to find lunch instead.

We ended up back near our hotel and had lunch near the water. We had yummy pizzas and beer. Ron had the house special of sausage, salami, artichoke, and musshroom. I had the gorgonzola and ham.

After lunch we had a little nap on a bench before going to the Accademia Museum. Admission was 6.5 Euros but this place made me a bit upset as they required us to check in our bag, a small backpack, about 10″ by 10″, the size of a large purse (but much smaller than the purses I regularly carry).. anyways, they charged us 50 cents to check in the bag while they let in the couple right in front of us with a baby stroller and diaper bag! It was only 50 cents but they didn’t stop us until we were already halfway up the stairs and then the employee there had no explanation of why she singled me out to check in my bag. She was very rude overall.

It kind of ruined the museum for me as I kept on checking out everyone else’s bag and there were definitely people with larger bags walking around. There was even one guy who was carrying a large army duffle bag slung over his shoulder.

But to tell you something good about the museum, they have translation cards for each piece of art work so there’s no need to purchase the audio guide if you don’t mind reading. It took about an hour to go through. It’s under renovation so there were some rooms closed so maybe once it’s complete, there will be more to see.

Afterwards we didn’t have much else to do so we went back to our hotel to rest and watch our “House” DVDs until we needed to head to the train station. We bought ourselves some dinner on the train, Ron had the carbonara while I had a salad with figs and eggplant.

Our train is an overnighter, we left Venice around 8:30pm and plan to arrive in Vienna at 8:30am!

If you can’t see the slideshow above, click HERE.

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