Visit to Emerald Glen Park

Friday, June 21, 2013

Now I have been noticing Iris giving real smiles and responding to my voice with cooing. I guess it’s about right, they say babies usually start smiling at you around five weeks old.

Iris refreshed after a bath.

Since it seems like she is getting more aware of her surroundings, I took out Simon’s old play mat to let her check it out. Guess who decides to try and play on it?

Today we met up with my parents for lunch but visited a park nearby first. We went to Emerald Glen Park which is one of the first parks listed when you search Yelp in Dublin. It was a beautiful and sunny day. Where’s Simon?

This is a pretty amazing park with the water feature. Next time we will bring more appropriate clothing for Simon. Most kids were wearing swimming clothes and Crocs. Iris stayed in the shade with mommy, grandma, and grandpa while Simon played in the water, sand, and slides with daddy.

Here is grandma Tam burping Iris.

Another little smile.

Almost overnight, Iris’ skin has cleared up. She still has a few red spots and dry skin but it is so much better compared to a few days ago and much smoother. Probably only a few more days until all the baby acne is gone and I won’t be afraid to irritate her skin by rubbing or kissing her cheeks!

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