Visit to Oakland Chinatown

Day 334 = January 30, 2011

Today we went to Oakland Chinatown to have lunch with my parents.
On the way there, I got Simon to do his new “trick”. Going “ah-ah-ah-ah” using his hand. One day he started mimicking me, so cute!

Simon did pretty well during lunch, wasn’t fussy and ate quite a bit. Apparently he liked this high chair as he tried to put his foot up to relax.

After lunch we went for a quick walk around the flower mart that was going on in the streets of chinatown. Simon let Grandpa Tam hold him while we walked around.

Then he suddenly wanted to switch to being held by Grandma Tam. Grandma took the opportunity to give him some kisses and make him smile, a bit ticklish probably.

It started to rain so we headed home. Simon had a good nap and woke up eager for dinner. I made him some whole wheat spaghetti with chicken and veggies.

He took the first few bites with a spoon then insisted on taking the spoon from me to play with and eating with his hands.

He was surprisingly able to eat a lot of it with his hands even though the noodles were pretty slippery. He is getting better with his pincer grasp. He didn’t finish the bowl, but maybe three-fourths.

After dinner, he had a little playtime. Who can resist those big eyes?

Excuse my bad singing but it made Simon laugh when I was singing “If you’re happy and you know it, stomp your feet”. I love his little giggle.

Simon has a cute Chinese silk outfit which he might wear for new year or else save for his birthday. We let him try the hat on for size, includes a pony tail.

After bathtime, time for bed!

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