Visit with Jen, Phil, and Josh

Day 50

On this rainy SF day, Simon was visited by Jen, Phil, and Josh. They were kind enough to bring us lunch so that we wouldn’t have to go out in the cold and wet. Josh is in his “no no no” phase where the answer to everything is “no” but you never really know if he means it, he just says it. Something funny (and potentially frustrating) to look forward to.


Since this year is the Year of the Tiger, Simon received many clothes with tigers on them.  Here is an adorable pair of pants although the tiger face is actually supposed to be on his butt.  Ron thought it would be more fun to have it reversed… Simon doesn’t look too pleased.


Simon has started cooing at us, especially when we’re playing with him on his new playmat.  But you can tell when he’s getting tired when he tries to start sucking on his hand or thumb.  He successfully jammed his thumb in his mouth for a few seconds and looked so happy when he did.


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