Tiny Love Lights and Music Playmat

Day 49

Simon sometimes sleeps with his eyes slightly open… it’s kind of creepy. We think he’s pretty much asleep since he seems like he is dreaming with laughs and smiles. It’s not all the time so we know he can completely close his eyelids so we’re not quite sure what to make of it.

We received the Tiny Love Lights and Music Playmat today in the mail. I ordered it from Amazon sometime last week since Simon seemed like he needed some more entertainment although he seems content staring at the white walls and wall lights, we think he could do with some colors in his life. From reading reviews on Amazon, this is one of the better playmats since it can fold up pretty flat without dismantling it yet still has music, lights, and cute toys. Simon was entertained for about 15 minutes by the dangling giraffe and he seems to enjoy looking at himself in the mirror more. He still hasn’t advanced to grabbing at objects but I’m sure in time he will.

It costs about $50 at Amazon (and free super saver shipping) but it’s more than $60 at Babies”R”Us (not including shipping or a trip to the store). Thank you to The Leung family for the gift certificate for Amazon so that we could get this for Simon.

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