Visiting Taiwan

Day 147

Simon visited Taiwan… the map.

We hope to visit Taiwan with Simon sometime soon but not sure how Simon will do on an international flight. We’ll be taking a domestic flight in October so we will see how that goes.

Simon practiced his flying skills with Ron today. His neck and back are pretty strong now as Ron can hold him by his stomach and Simon can stretch himself out and hold himself horizontal.

He is still working on sitting up though. When he puts his hands down on the flat surface, he can support himself but usually one hand will slip and he’ll topple over or forward. He looks very flexible when he’s almost folded in half. Check out that drool, his drool is still very viscous and stretches pretty long.

Dad’s Silly Monkey finally asleep but maybe a bit hot as he kicked off most of this blankets.

Since his rice cereal on Sunday, Simon hasn’t pooped! Only a bit of gas and plenty of pee. I never thought I’d be so into talking about pee and poop but I guess things really do change when you have a baby. I’m guessing he is constipated from the rice. He does seem like he’s dropped his milk intake the last two days, maybe he’s feeling overly full. Not sure what else we can do to help relieve him so it’s just watch and wait time.

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