VivoCity and Sun with Moon Japanese Cuisine

I went out to celebrate my free Sunday with shopping at VivoCity. After being so stressed out at least for the last two weeks, I needed some retail therapy so I headed out to VivoCity to meet up with Joyce for a shopping spree. We went to mostly clothing stores.

I found this one called Nichii Fashion City that sold a nice mix of clothes from work, play, and formal. It was pretty reasonable for most things, under $50 and when on sale, even better, under $20. I think I’d like to pay a visit again, not something I can say with most clothing stores I’ve been to lately.

Joyce and I decided to visit Forever 21 and relive our pharmacy school days… it was a great place to get decent work clothes for very cheap. It’s not so cheap anymore and in Singapore, it’s even more expensive. But it was so weird, they were playing Christmas music in the store and it almost felt like we were in San Francisco shopping at their Forever 21. It was nice but also kind of sad, it made us miss being home.

After our marathon shopping, we headed to Orchard Rd to meet up with Alex and Siew Woon. Both had just found out they passed a major exam (the BCOP) so we met up with them to celebrate.

A funny ad in the MRT station that I had to take a picture of:

What exactly is “bread face”?!? The picture of it is hilarious…

We met up with them at Starbucks at Wheelock Place and headed upstairs to a restaurant called Sun With Moon. They specialize in Kamameshi which is a Japanese rice dish cooked in an iron pot. I had beef and foie gras… so good.

Slideshow here (or click here):

I’ve had Japanese food for dinner three nights in a row… but then, like my friend Alex says, there’s so many varieties of Japanese cuisine that it’s hard to get tired of it.

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