Palate Sensations – Take 2

I swear I’m not a cheapskate but where there’s free wine tasting, I’ll be there 🙂 Palate Sensations, the cooking school, was holding a free wine tasting event tonight so I thought it’d be fun to go and have a nice way to relax. A few of my coworkers ended up joining in too so it was nice to hang out with them more outside of work.

The wine maker from Cheverny Winery in France flew in especially for the event to present his wines. They served three whites and 1 red. I’m still very slow in acquiring the taste for red wines so the whites were my favorite. Especially the first and the last.

So to let you know what we tried… First up, the Sauvignon Blanc:

It was very aromatic, wonderfully fruity taste, sweet, and very easy to drink. I would love it as a before, during, and after dinner drink but then that’s probably because I really like sweet wines. It was surprisingly though because I’m usually not a fan of Sauvingnon Blanc because they’re usually tarty and hard to swallow. This was the opposite of that.

The second wine, not sure on the name except the wine maker called it by it’s winery’s name “Cheverny”:

Most people seemed to enjoy this one more. It was less sweet but still very easy to drink. There was very little aroma to me so maybe that’s why I preferred the first. It was still enjoyable but if I had the choice, I’d pick #1.

The third wine was a gamay:

It was quite tart for me and not to my liking. It’s sort of like a very light red wine, almost pink.

The fourth and last wine:

I believe they said it was a late harvest wine. I think this would be an excellent dessert wine for me. They serve these wines at the French restaurant here called Au Petit Salut (where we ate for Ron’s BD on Oct 8th) so I’m sure we’ll go back there sometime to have these wines.

It was a great evening but after four portions of wine tastes and very little food, we were ready to go have a real dinner. We’d only had some bread & crackers with quince paste, cheeses, and caviar (all very nice incidentally!) so we decided to go to Holland Village for dinner, it’s very close by.

And I made it down those treacherous steps without slipping down half a flight, like I did the last time I visited Palate Sensations. Maybe that’s why I haven’t been back 😛 just kidding, I’ve just been too busy, but I did sign up for a 6-hour Petit Four course which I hope hasn’t filled up yet.

Anyways, at Holland Village, we ate at Kelong Seafood & BBQ. The chicken wings are yummy and the hor fun was pretty decent. I could eat more of those chicken wings though 🙂

It was a good evening. Life is so much better without having to worry about exams. Ron has finals coming up though we we won’t be having this much fun for much longer.

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