Today was a rather quiet day for me. I think I stayed out too late last night so lost my voice this morning and my cough returned. Ron had already planned to go Wakeboarding today so he went while I stayed home to recuperate and clean house like doing laundry and cooking.

He went wakeboarding in the north at a place called WakePirates. He went with three other people for a 2 hour session. Each person got to wakeboard for approximately 30 minutes each, for S$50. We’d been wakeboarding in California at Lake Shasta. Actually, Ron went wakeboarding, I just stayed in the houseboat :). He said it was really strange going wakeboarding in saltwater because when you crash, a mouthful of saltwater is not pleasant.

If I plan on trying wakeboarding, it’ll be at a place like the Ski 360 Cableski Park where you’re attached to a cable line and go around in a circle. It is supposedly much easier to get on your feet and the water is much calmer.

I cooked dinner tonight in our little kitchen, mabo tofu (spicy tofu) and green beans with rice. I visited the Ghim Moh wet market last week to pick up some veggies so figured I should cook them up.

I’m going to a cooking school on Weds for a free day of demos so if things work out, I hope to learn how to cook more!

1 thought on “Wakeboarding

  1. King Pirate Jeremy Hoh

    hi there, was doing a google test on my website and chanced upon your blog. Just wanted to clarify some details. Wake pirates gives insead students a discounted rate of $75 an hour, so Ron couldn’t have paid $50 for half hour of riding. Also, it is a known fact that cable wakeboarding is much harder to pick up than wakeboarding behind the boat. And the other known fact is that ski 360 is renowned for having choppy waters, don’t take my word for for it, go look in our local wakeboarding forums.

    Anyway hope you are not offended, but i only wished to affirm some facts.

    Jeremy Hoh

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