Week in Review

Day 332 = January 28, 2011

So I have been a little behind in updating our blog this week but have just finished updating the past week. Not sure why I’ve been so tired but maybe due to Simon waking up earlier in the morning and needing comfort/entertainment. He used to wake up at 6am, drink some milk, then nap again until 7-7:30am. Today and the last few days, he’ll wake up at 6am and have this milk but then complain or start whimpering in bed and not want to sleep. So I’ll take him out of bed and try to entertain him but all he wants is to be held. If I try to put him down, he gets upset like this…

This morning he eventually settled down to have some breakfast. Today he tried Trader Joe’s freeze dried mangoes. They are the perfect size for little hands to hold and bite off chunks with his teeth.

We went for dinner with Ron’s family tonight and Simon surprised us with how much he ate. I packed him his dinner this morning and was almost afraid there wasn’t enough. His appetite came back with a vengeance. Shortly after we finished dinner and put Simon into his car seat, he fell asleep. He had a very full little tummy.

He was super konked out. He even let me manipulate his lips so I tried to take a photo of his new teeth.

It didn’t work out too well because of the lighting but he let me try a few times before closing his lips tightly. He was really tired. When we got home, he woke up for the walk from our car to home but after changing diaper and clothes, he went right back to bed. I put him in this cozy suit with hood since today is pretty cold.

Thank you Auntie Katherine and Cousin Chynna for this outfit, looks nice and cozy. It’s a great one piece suit with hood, long sleeves, and full length pants. Makes me wish I had an outfit like this to sleep in so that I wouldn’t need to use a blanket.

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