Whatever You Eat is What Baby Gets

Monday, July 1, 2013

The Taiwanese food from Mama Chen’s turned out to be a very bad thing for Iris. She suffered from a gassy stomach all day and constipation. I’m thinking it was probably too much soy sauce with added MSG. So now I have to avoid that restaurant until she’s done with breast milk. She seems to have a sensitive stomach. So for the next few days, I will have to eat “lighter” foods to cleanse my system so she can cleanse hers.

The other night I decided to try baking something. I came across this recipe for Japanese cheesecake which looked delicious so I decided to try it out. It may not be healthy but at least I know all the ingredients that go into it.

Here is the finished cheesecake.

It was a bit dense and got a bit watery at the bottom but overall, it tasted pretty good. But next time I think I would adjust it to have less egg and maybe have a crust to give it some texture.

Today’s pictures of my kiddos:

Iris, happy 7 weeks!

Simon says: I’m a fish! (Wearing a fish shirt) and holding his best pal Ziggy.


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