Whee! Let’s swing!

Day 213

Ron and Simon were able to attend a class finally at My Gym. Simon enjoyed some time on the swing.


He also seemed to enjoy this swing shaped like a dolphin.

They have some pretty cool toys at the gym for the babies to play with.

So we’re not sure which gym we’re going to start taking him to. There are good things about both but we’ll just have to figure out which one has the better schedule for all of us.

For dinner we decided to try a new restaurant for us, Sanraku Japanese Restaurant which is within walking distance from our apartment. We ordered some sake to start and discovered they also have a restaurant in the Metreon.

We ordered the sake in a box. They overfill it onto the dish as well.

This is the appetizer sunomono which is octopus with pickled cucumbers. The portion size was smaller than I expected but tasted fine overall. The imitation crab stick was a bit strange.

The entrees are served with salad (and miso soup).

The sushi lover’s platter.

Agedashi tofu.

Shrimp tempura.

Sesame chicken.

Simon had his first taste of an orange. It tasted really sweet to me but maybe not to Simon…

Not much else to comment about the restaurant other than service was really fast. I had a bit of an upset stomach after I got home but I’m not sure if it was the food or overeating.

Simon got cranky near the end of dinner. He just wanted to go home and play with his toys.

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