Who can resist this face?

Day 81

I know I definitely can’t resist this little face.


What do you think of Simon becoming a baby model?  I met a photographer at the Macy’s Sex in the City event the other night and she says she does commercial photography of children and she thought that Simon was pretty cute.  She said she could email me some names of possible agencies and contacts to get Simon “into the business”.  I emailed her so waiting to hear back.

My darling sleeping baby.  He looks so peaceful.


Although I guess Simon doesn’t look cute 100% of the time but some of his facial expressions make me laugh out loud.  What do you think he is thinking here?  Please suggest a caption by writing a comment!


Here’s a look at our freezer door.  Most of this is from March and April.  There are still about 10 more bags in the ice compartment of our freezer from May.  It makes me feel better that we do have this much stored in our freezer for when I have to go back to work so that Simon has plenty to eat.  I’m still working on making it a bigger surplus because I’m afraid once I go back to work, it won’t be as easy to continue saving this amount of milk.  Each bag here ranges from 120-240ml.  In the last week, Simon has been eating about 90-120ml per meal by bottle (he’s still not breastfeeding voluntarily during the daytime) for a total of 500-800ml per day… so really, this supply won’t last that long, especially if his appetite gets bigger.


We’re thinking of buying a separate small upright freezer to store this milk and also the pureed foods that we were going to prepare for him.  Not sure how much it would be but it would make it more convenient so that we can still use the freezer for our frozen foods too.  Right now these bags of milk take up about 1/4 the space so we can’t really buy that much stuff for ourselves for fear that it may not fit.  Something to think about…

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