Working working working…

Well working working working is what I’m hoping to do. I spent this morning at NUH getting my papers certified by the pharmacy manager and picking up completed forms. It took me quite a while to find the cancer center pharmacy as it is in a completely different wing than the pharmacy office. Let me tell you that hospital is huge! Then I spent the afternoon at the Singapore Pharmacy Board (SPB) having my documents looked over by their staff. I feel a bit less discouraged today as there are only a few things left that they require. I will have to wait until tomorrow to request them though because UOP does not have a reissue diploma form on their website. My diploma is locked up in a PODS facility with no one to access it and probably extremely difficult to find. Same goes with my pharmacist wall certificate, it is locked up as well.

If anyone needs advice on how to apply as a foreigner to the SPB, I can try to help all I can but it seems like the best bet is to call them before you leave your home country so you’ll know what you need to bring with you. So you won’t have the trouble I’m having with having to request all these reissued documents. My friend Joyce is going through the same process with me so it was good to talk with her tonight and get out our frustrations.

I’ve got the job, now I just need to gain approval to work!

We ordered from McDelivery tonight for dinner. It’s the first time we’ve tried it. Apparently they are open 24/7 for delivery! Crazy, huh? The breakfast is tempting 🙂 It arrived pretty quickly, within 15-20 minutes although they quoted 30 minutes. I even got a Oreo McFlurry which was yummy.

Next will be KFC Delivery!

Now I’m watching Singapore’s version of American Idol, it’s called “Live the Dream”. It’s a bit different though because they have soloists and bands. The results show is also the same night as the show. I guess because Singapore is small enough of a country to tally votes within 2 hours… not sure though… they just scared the contestants though and didn’t send anyone home because this is charity week. Sort of like when American Idol was “Idol gives back” week.

I’m exhausted even though I didn’t do much today. I even had to skip Aqua-Gym today. I guess I’m mentally tired from all the worrying about my application. I have to stay up until midnight in order to call the UOP Registrar’s Office. Yawn.

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