YuYuan Gardens

We headed out to YuYuan Gardens and the surrounding “Old Town” so shop, eat, and walk around. We entered the gardens a little late, around 3:30pm or so and they close parts of the garden around 5pm so we didn’t get to see everything. We had some fun making some funny poses 🙂

There’s no window pane here but hope you get a laugh:

Ron vase:

We also ended up eating quite a lot during the day. It was endless snacking but oh so good.

Soup dumpling (you drink the soup with the straw then eat the dumpling afterwards):

Stinky tofu:

Black corn:

Takoyaki (octopus balls):

Roasted squab:

More stinky tofu and xiao long bao:

Black sesame rice ball soup:

Fresh fruits coated in sugar and sesame seeds:

After more dumpling soup, today with noodles, for dinner, we watched “I Am Legend” which we bought for 5RMB from a street vendor today.

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