Zanze’s Cheesecake

Ron picked up a cheesecake from Zanze’s for us to try since he happened to be in area. He heard that they sell the best cheesecake in San Francisco and is very unique.

It’s boxed up with a bit of fishing line to portion out the cake (top left corner).

He ordered the plain but apparently they also have flavored cheesecakes, blueberry will be my next pick.

The cake was very light and airy, a very light graham cracker dusting on top. I ate two small slices and I was stuffed, it’s deceiving how filling it is.

Zanze’s Cheesecake
2405 Ocean Avenue
San Francisco

1 thought on “Zanze’s Cheesecake

  1. gldnbearz

    Zanze’s makes the best cheesecake IMO. They used to give you dental floss to cut the cake with because the texture was so soft if you cut it with a knife, the cake would get squished.

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