Outgrown Puppy Pal

Day 192

Simon has outgrown his puppy pal sleepmat (see him here on Day 46). He can’t sleep on top of it anymore since his feet hang off the edge so instead he hugs it to fall asleep like a stuffed animal.

Simon knows when he’s on camera and gives a big smile.


Grandma Tam got Simon this little monster toy that “talks” when you squeeze it. Simon was having a conversation with him and seemed to get upset when the monster didn’t respond. He’d be babbling along then pause… and if Ron didn’t squeeze it to make more sounds, Simon would get cranky.

Simon also has this other little Winnie the Pooh to sleep with and his pillow from our friends in Singapore for comfort.

Poor Simon still has a runny nose so after he wakes up from a nap, his nose is usually all crusty with dried mucous.

Ron used the bulb syringe to help Simon clear out his nose and for some reason, Simon seemed to find it funny.

He hasn’t been sleeping very well the last few nights because of his cold, his teething, and after his recent round of vaccinations. The other night, he woke up crying and a bit warm (not really feverish), seemed very thirsty as he downed 4 oz (120ml) of milk in less than 10 minutes. After he drank his fill, he didn’t want to lie down in his crib by himself so I just held him for a while and patted his back until he fell asleep. I know the books say this can lead to bad habits and that he’ll always need to be held to fall asleep… but I felt so bad for him because he was uncomfortable and there wasn’t that much I could do about it other than comfort him. I hope since I only do this once in a while that he won’t get too used to it.

Last photo of the day, Simon seems annoyed in this picture, like “gosh, can you stop taking my picture already…”

When he’s a teenager and doesn’t need us anymore, I’m sure this is the expression that he’ll give us. I’m glad that is many years away!

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