Fascination with light

Day 191

Simon checking himself out in the mirror. I hope he’s not getting vain.

Among his friends.

My parents came to visit us so we went to dinner at Akiko’s Sushi Bar near our apartment. The restaurant is small but very accommodating. Well, at least the other customers were accommodating since a couple moved to the bar so that we could sit at the table. I ordered the chirashi which was pretty delicious. The rice and salad were well seasoned and the tuna and salmon were very fresh. The yellow tail had a weird texture which I couldn’t figure out but it tasted fine, just kind of mushy or something. Overall the food was good but the service was pretty slow and disjointed. My mom got her hot chicken donburi first then there was a large gap of time before we got our sushi and sashimi dishes, maybe 20-30 minutes. It’s probably best not to go here in big groups.

Simon in the spotlight!

Actually, Simon is fascinated with my LED book light. Either he wants to eat it…. or “phone home”…

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