First Pool Experience

Day 193

So this afternoon we went to Fairfield for our friends’ housewarming party. Along the way, we stopped for Taiwanese brunch at 168 Restaurant in Richmond. Simon waiting patiently for our food.

It’s been years since we’ve come this way and were pleasantly surprised by the food. They had some new brunch menu items but we were totally sad when we realized we forgot to order the stinky tofu! Oh well, next time, since I think we’ll be back again.

They have sweet soy bean milk. This is the hot version. They also have the savory type on their menu..

Ba wan. The bamboo shoots in this were cut a little too big for my taste but Ron says this is the traditional way. I just don’t like how it can get stuck in your teeth with the large pieces.

Rice roll with pork sung, fried dough stick, and preserved vegetables.

Dried noodles with ground pork and a boiled egg.

Green onion crepe with egg. This was made well. The egg was perfect and the green onion crepe thin and a bit crispy.

After brunch, we headed out to Fairfield to see our friends’ house and enjoy their BBQ and outdoor space. They have a pool and jacuzzi and also had this inflatable pool for Simon! Ron had to blow it up and they filled it with water from the big pool. We borrowed a waterproof diaper and let Simon sit in the pool and splash the water and play with some of the pool toys.

He didn’t know quite what to make of the whole situation at first so was a little cranky.

But then he started to really enjoy it. I took him out when his feet started to get prune-y and when the weather started to cool down.

Thanks to Linda, Daniel, and Ariana for having us over! Now Simon will be more prepared when we go to Hawaii next month. I need to find him some swimming trunks!

A note to our blog followers:
It’s been a busy summer so I apologize for the inconsistency of the updates on our blog. Thank you for being patient and always coming to visit! Ron has been doing a great job of taking photos and videos everyday (thanks honey!) but it just takes me some time to upload them and write about Simon’s day. Summer is winding down so I hope we’ll be less busy. Thank you all again for reading!

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  1. gldnbearz

    You’re a working mommy. You always seem to catch up on the weekend and I get my dose of Simon News. It’s kind of fun reading everything at once instead of chapter by chapter. =)

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