A bit feverish

Day 248

Any idea on what to do when your baby is straining to poop during a meal? We have been just letting him sit there and finish what he is doing, finish feeding him, then change his diaper. It is strange though that he poops only during meals. An odd habit.

Ron said that Simon seemed to have been very tired most of the day today and not wanting to eat or drink much. He napped a lot this morning and early afternoon before going to Gymboree for a make-up class since we have plans for tomorrow.

My boys came to pick me up from work and Simon did seem a bit less active and wanted to fall asleep in the car. When we got home, he wasn’t in the mood for play and just wanted to go to bed so he slept for about an hour while we had dinner. When he woke up around 7:30pm, he felt a bit warm and his cheeks were flushed so we took his temperature. It was 100.3 degrees Fahrenheit, the upper limit of normal, a bit feverish. He didn’t seem uncomfortable other than being tired so I fed him a bit of dinner and had him drink about 4 oz of milk before giving him a lukewarm bath. He seemed to enjoy the time in the bath to cool him down a bit. He did feel cooler to the touch after his bath and more active so stayed up for a little bit to play before going to bed again. I hope our little baby is okay and his temperature will go down by tomorrow.

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