Adventure Mountain and Hot Tubbing

Saturday, March 15, 2014

The kids woke up early to have breakfast and watch morning cartoons.

Iris hanging out with Uncle William.

We decided to head out to Adventure Mountain for the kids to do some sledding and play in the snow. Caden and Simon all dressed and ready for the snow. Strike a pose!

Iris was taking a morning nap so we arrived a little later to Adventure Mountain. Simon and Daddy had already been riding the sled down the hill a few times.

Then it was our turn. Iris didn’t seem to mind but also didn’t seem to enjoy it. I think she was still tired.


Iris in her little snow suit. She insisted on being held for most the time we were out in the snow.

Simon had fun sledding down by himself.

And having a snow ball fight with Uncle William.

Eventually Iris was interested in playing in the snow so I made a little snowman for her and she used the shovel to smash it flat.

Ron and Simon put together this snowman. The base was already there but Ron made the hat and decorated the face. Simon used his Doc Hudson car for the mouth.

After lunch (where Simon had a little allergic reaction 🙁 probably to peanuts somewhere in the restaurant) and a nap, we decided to go swimming in the heated pool then into the hot tub.

After an exhausting day, we stayed in for dinner and did some coloring while watching a movie.

Slideshow of above photos plus a few more:

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