Ed Z’berg Sugar Pine Point State Park

Sunday, March 16, 2014

We ordered in for breakfast on our last day in Lake Tahoe. One of our favorite places is nearby called Driftwood Cafe. So far we have loved everything we have ordered. This time around the french toast and the loaded waffle were really delicious.

After checking out, we went exploring and ended up at Ed Z’berg Sugar Pine Point State Park. On the way, we stopped by to take some pictures of Emerald Bay. Iris fell asleep during the car ride up.

At the park, it was $10 for parking and we took the wheelchair accessible trail to the water. It was a beautiful day.

Iris woke up for the stroller ride, drank some milk, then went back to sleep again.

Simon and Ron had fun with the pine cones on the beach. Ron spelled out the kids’ names and Simon made a heart.

Simon built a little “rock man” by stacking up some stones.

He really enjoyed climbing the rocks and hugging the trees. Actually, Ron asked Simon, “do you think you can reach your arms around the whole tree?” so Simon tried but, of course, couldn’t do it.

Iris spent most of the time napping again. I love her long lashes but yes, she does have chapped cheeks.

Awake in the car finally as we take a break for stretching before heading home.

We stopped by for dinner at Pacific East Mall in Richmond and shopped for some food at Ranch 99. Both kids love sitting in the shopping cart.

A nice warm bath to end the night.

Weekend excursions can be fun but also very tiring. Since Iris was still a bit sick, she had trouble sleeping at night so I was very tired most of the time and she was also very tired most of the time. Her nap and feeding schedule was all mixed up and she didn’t really eat much solid food, just wanted to drink milk, be held, and comforted. I don’t mine but my arms are really sore after holding her most of the weekend. It seems she is on the tail end of her illness so here’s to a better week!

A few more pictures from our trip, mostly the same but I couldn’t decide which were better:

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