Ju Shin Jung Korean Revisited & Blog Update

Yes I’ve been a bit behind in updating our blog but I finally had some time to catch up today.

07 June 2008 Weekend in Bali – Day 1

08 June 2008 Bali – Day 2

13 June 2008 Lan Zhou La Mian & Dessert

14 June 2008 Kung Fu Panda & BBQ

15 June Al-Hamra Lebanese & Middle Eastern Cuisine

Ron and I revisited Ju Shin Jung on West Coast Highway. Neither of us felt like cooking at home or cared for take-out or cared to go to Holland Village. Our experience this time was not as nice, not sure why… but when we walked in, they asked us how many persons then started walking toward one side of the room, then asked if we had a reservation, when we said no, they walked us to the back of the restaurant. It was a bit odd. The food was still good and they still provide good service by cooking the food for you but it seemed a bit overbearing today, the person cooking for us just stood by our table so you couldn’t have a proper conversation until that person was done. The last time I think they stood a bit farther away and only came in close to the table to turn the meat or cut it.

They served us a few different new appetizers. One was this potato salad with thousand island like dressing. A bit sweet.

Pickled radish.

We ordered the marinated chicken and pork.

Such cute heart shaped watermelon.

Cinnamon pine nut dessert… reminds me of Christmas flavors.

It’s been a very “meaty” few days.

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