Future Caffeine Addict

Day 197

Simon was snoring quite loudly early this morning.

Simon may be a future Starbucks addict. Maybe he didn’t feel rested since he was snoring last night…

Actually he is teething and discovered the rim of the cup is a good thing to chew on. Looks like he’s a bit of a caffeine fiend though, doesn’t it?

Today at work, we had a special treat of Kara’s Cupcakes. My favorite is the passion fruit filled cupcake. A nice afternoon snack thanks to Rich!

Simon’s head is getting so big that it’s getting harder to pull things over his head. This is a towel-like bib and as Ron was trying to take it off, it got a bit stuck.

At Simon’s last pediatrician visit, she gave us a book. She said we should read to him everyday and let him play with the book, even if it’s just that he wants to chew on it… well, so far he does mostly want to chew on it but also enjoys trying to flip the pages. This book is called Baby Faces.

For dinner, we met up with relatives from Ron’s side of the family and had dinner at Cafe Tiramisu. Simon ended up sleeping through the whole dinner.

We had a lovely wine.

Food was average. Dessert was better. We shared the bruschetta appetizer. It usually only comes with 4 pieces but since there were 5 of us, they gave us an extra piece.

I had the orchiette which was a bit oily for my taste but there was plenty of sausage and definitely filled me up.

Ron had the ravioli which was crab meat I think. Seemed like a small portion but I guess it lets you save room for dessert.

For dessert, we tried three. Of course their tiramisu.

Creme brulee which I thought was supposed to be espresso but didn’t taste any coffee flavor at all.

Lemon panna cotta with passion fruit sauce. Didn’t taste like lemon at all but the passion fruit sauce was nice and super tangy. The panna cotta itself was more gelatinous versus creamy.

Since Simon slept through dinner, he stayed up late.

He’s saying: Mommy, Daddy, I’m not ready to go to sleep yet! Let’s play!

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