Aloha Festival and walk through SF

I decided to go to the San Francisco Aloha Festival at the Presidio. Ron had some things to do in the South Bay and I didn’t want to stay cooped up at home so decided to take a walk and see if I could find myself some spam musubi.

I walked from home, through the Arguello Blvd gate to the Presidio Main Post/Parade Grounds. As I neared, I could hear the music and smell the BBQ. Otherwise, they had some interesting knick knacks from Hawaii, some different foods, jewelry and such. It was pretty crowded, the music loud and plenty but the lines for food were way too long. I decided to just try the spam musubi at one of the stalls, 2 for $5, although I wasn’t impressed. The spam wasn’t pan fried and the seaweed was chewy and tough.

I only stayed for about an hour before continuing my walk. I exited the Presidio to Little Marina Green then to Chestnut St. On the way there, I stopped by the Palace of Fine Arts for some photos and saw three wedding parties there taking their photos.

It looks so much better after their restoration.

Continuing my walk along Chestnut St to Union St then the walk home, all totaled about 7 miles (as mapped on Google Maps). If you’ve never been, check out the view from Broderick St & Vallejo St but be sure to wear shoes that don’t slip because the incline is steep. Good exercise.

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