Little Star Pizza and Mitchell’s Ice Cream

Last day of vacation, a good meal to end it.

Ron and I headed to Little Star Pizza in the Mission. Even though the one in Western Addition is closer to us, I wanted to head out for ice cream at Mitchell’s after dinner. Lucky for us, we arrived just at 6:30pm when the first group of diners were finished so that we were seated right away. They also have happy hour 5:30-6:30pm everyday where alcoholic drinks are $1 off.

Ron anticipating yummy pizza.

We ordered a thin crust pesto pizza as an appetizer because the deep dish takes about 25 minutes to cook. The pesto is squeezed right on top. The thin crust was really crunchy, sort of cracker-like but really good, not a single soggy spot anywhere. The pesto made it extra yummy.

The deep dish we ordered is a special called Brass Monkey (it’s the Little Star Deep Dish + sausage). The sausage was delicious. The crust is pretty much the same as the thin crust so quite crunchy but a bit more oily. I think I prefer the chewy crust of Zachary’s. But the spinach made it really fresh and the ricotta made it really creamy and delicious.

Although pretty full, I saved room for ice cream. We headed to Mitchell’s to a really long line. But they have a queuing system that goes really fast. If it’s really busy, remember to grab your number the first thing when you walk in then decide on your flavors.

Ron had the Kahlua Mocha Cream single scoop and I had a double sccop with buko (young coconut) and mango. The buko had chunks of coconut in it, oh so yummy. Mango tasted a bit more like dried mango than fresh mango but still yummy. I tried the cantaloupe flavor but it wasn’t as strong as I would’ve wanted.

A good way to end my vacation. Revived and re-engergized to get back to work.

Little Star Pizza
400 Valencia St

Mitchell’s Ice Cream
688 San Jose Ave

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