Friday Night Fun, Red Egg & Ginger, Emerald Glen Park, Lawrence Hall of Science

Monday, August 26, 2013

Whew! Exhausted from a busy weekend. I’ll be going back to work soon so trying to make the best of the time I have left and enjoying the time with my family.

Friday, August 23:
Today’s fun included playing in the sandbox in the backyard.

And dinner at Chuck E Cheese.



Iris fell asleep while Simon played games. 20130827-062131.jpg
But woke up by the time we got home and here getting ready for her bath. Her cute outfit of the day.


Saturday, August 24:
Today was Iris’ Red Egg and Ginger party at Tomi Sushi and Seafood Buffet in Concord, CA. A party to introduce her to family and friends and to celebrate her 100th day (actually her 103rd day). I asked Auntie Betty to photograph the event for us so I have lots of pictures but no time to go through all of them yet. I’ll post again when those are uploaded somewhere. So here are just a few until then.

Simon looking dapper for the event. Surprisingly he was excited to wear this new outfit that I bought for him specifically for the party. He kept on asking to see it and didn’t complain like he usually does about the button up shirt.

Iris happy to head out for her party.

A few photos courtesy of my Aunt Lily.





Party favors of origami iris pens and See’s Candies lollipops for the kids. Big thanks to Auntie Betty and Nanny Annie for helping me with the flower pens, we made #102! After making these, I don’t think I’ll ever forget how to fold an origami iris…


Iris and Simon were so well behaved today. Simon sat quietly through the party, occupied by the TV and his friends. Iris drank her milk from the bottle without fuss and just fell asleep while being held when tired and didn’t cry like she normally does.
Beautiful dress from Grandma Tam.

A fun but exhausting day.

Sunday, August 25:
Enjoying time laying under Simon’s tent. Iris really likes the bed sheet with constellations on it that covers the tent.

We went to Dublin’s Emerald Glen Park where Simon played in the water feature this time. Soaking wet!

Iris and I stayed in the shade.

Then we went for lunch and delicious shaved snow. Black sesame on top and strawberry on bottom. So delicious! Love the popping boba, lychee and mango jelly and fresh fruits. All really sweet but also pretty refreshing on a warm day. The place is called Snowflake in Dublin, CA. Not much seating inside so we took it to go and sat on benches nearby. Thanks Jen and Phil for the recommendation!


Monday, August 26:
Today I took Simon to the Lawrence Hall of Science in Berkeley. Right away Simon wanted to climb the killer whale. He’s at the right side here trying to climb the tail.


But got scared when he realized how slippery it was so we went inside. We watched to 3D movie about sharks. A bit expensive at $4 each for a 25 minute show but a good movie that shows great white sharks aren’t that scary. Also Simon’s first 3D movie.

Lots of exhibits for him to explore including a great outdoor space.







Simon’s treat for the day: a new baby plush giraffe which he named Kyra.

Missed my little girl while out with Simon.


I wish I could take them both out with me at the same time but both require so much attention and I don’t want to ignore one of them for the other. I hope when Iris is older and can understand her surroundings a bit better then they can enjoy more places together.

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