Arrival in Shanghai

The first two airport shuttles were full when we tried to board this morning. They run every 10-15 minutes which was good but it seemed they get filled out pretty quickly. Eventually they let us board one but we had to stand then in the middle of the freeway we had to get off and get onto another bus. It was kind of strange but I guess we got there on time. Our flight ended up being delayed also so at least we had the time to go through that hassle.

We had an interesting breakfast on the airplane, my favorite was the item on the top left corner. It was a cold tofu dish accompanied by a sweet thick soy sauce. The soy sauce was quite delicious with the tofu but I couldn’t eat it all because it was a large portion.

Upon arriving in Shanghai, we had to take another airport shuttle to the place we’d be staying. We were renting a room from our flatmate’s friend’s apartment. She has a website where she offers short term rentals in Shanghai.

After we got to the apartment, we did some laundry and planned the rest of the week. Unfortunately I did not do my part and plan the last half of our trip to Shanghai and Macau so we did it all on arrival. It took up most of the afternoon so all we had time for was to have dinner.

We went to a Taiwanese Restaurant called Charmant and had some good ol’ Taiwanese delicacies.

Pickled cucumbers.

Rice with pork floss.

Taiwanese milk tea complete with pearls.

Cold noodles with peanut sauce and cucumbers.

(Not-so-stinky) tofu.

Taiwanese sandwich.

Three cup chicken (yummy basil).

Since we were taking it easy today, we stayed in to watch another Korean movie. This one called “She’s On Duty” which was kind of corny but pretty funny.

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